18 Apr

NOTTE D’ORO SPRING, Ravenna 2018, April 21

  • MAR – Ravenna Art Museum – Via di Roma 13 • Until 10pm
    Special evening opening hours of the personal photographic exhibition of the artist
    Free admission from 6pm. On display until 17th June 2018
    The human condition and the most obscure elements of society have always been at the centre of the research of Alex Majoli (director and member of the famous Magnum Photos Agency) who for the occasion creates a new set to show hist photographic and artistic journey from 1985 until the present day. On display until 17th June 2018
  • CittAttiva – Via Carducci 14 • At 5pm
    Camera School for the Notte d’Oro | Photographic Set for stunning shots
    Curated by Assessorato Politiche Giovanili, in collaboration with Giampiero Corelli photojournalist and Associazione Yakar
  • Capta Lux Studio – Via G. Rossi 33 • From 6pm until late night
    Fotografare la musica: Alfredo Lando e i volti famosi della canzone italiana e straniera
    Photographic exhibition by Alfredo Lando. On display until 30th April
  • Building of Municipality – Piazza del Popolo • From 5pm to 10pm
    Photographic-documentary exhibition “Storia della Polizia municipale di Ravenna: dalle origini a oggi (1873-2018)”
  • Classense Library – Via Baccarini 3
    Presentation of the photographic exhibitions by Leonardo Goni and Pier Paolo Zani • From 7pm

Entrance Cloister • From 7pm
Book presentation and inauguration of the photographic exhibition by Leonardo Goni “Footage”
A project by Leonardo Goni, photographer from Ravenna. On display until 5th May

Entrance hall of the Aula Magna • From 7pm
Photographic set by Gabriele Pezzi

Section Manica Lunga – via Baccarini 5 • From 7pm
Inauguration of the photographic exhibition by Pier Paolo Zani “Terra e Uomini. Tra memoria e sentimento”
Almost 40 years of work on field and of rigid and enthusiastic photographic inquiry.
Curated by Mario Betrambini and Paola Sobrero, in collaboration with SIFEST | On display until 29th April

  • Palazzo Rasponi Dalle Teste – Piazza Kennedy 12
    Sala Giardino and room at the ground floor • At 7.30pm
    Inauguration of the photographic exhibition “Darsena. The Silent Evening Star”
    Photos by students of the first year of Accademia di Belle Arti di Ravenna (Photography Course A.A. 2017/2018)
    On display until 6th May

Entrance Hall • At 7.30pm
Inauguration of the photographic exhibition “I quaderni del corso di fotografia di Michele Buda”
On display until 6th May

Salone Nobile • At 8pm

Prize-giving ceremony of the photographic marathon and inauguration of the exhibition
Curated by the team #ArRAngiati and by the Municipality of Ravenna, in collaboration with the Trade Associations.
On display until 20th May

  • Palazzo Rasponi 2 (Exhibition Room) – Via d’Azeglio 2 • From 9pm to 11pm
    Dei Paesi | Photographic exhibition by Pio De Rose
    Project “Camera Work – Quaderni di Viaggio”, under-35 photographic competition.
    A long travel from North to South to visit the parts of Italy struck by earthquakes, landslides, and floods. Pio de Rose gives testimony of the places that have been forgotten and offended, that, in some cases, were able to gain new life and a new interpretation of themselves and of their state of abandonment. On display until 22nd April
    At 9pm • Meeting with the artist Pio De Rose and guided tour